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Navigate business change with actionable
planning and strategy…

Accelerating strategic change by delivering sustainable value and customer-centric solutions.

Success begins with strategy alignment

Having the right perspective changes everything.
bring clarity to decision making disruptive change planning business driven solutions

Bring Clarity to Decision Making

Are you struggling with disruptive change to your business? Not sure how or where to start? We’ll help to pinpoint your problems and make informed decisions for planning business-driven solutions.

boost operations performance process improvement streamline efficiencies

Boost Operations Performance

Identify and streamline efficiencies in systems, technology, processes, and people. We leverage your team’s accountability, behaviours, and their commitment to produce more value for both you and your customers.

working capital improvements unlock free cashflow cash excellence culture

Unlock ‘Free’ Cashflow

Cash is the lifeblood for any organisation! We focus on a “top-to-bottom” approach to help embed a cash-excellence culture and unlock ‘free’ cashflow opportunities from Working Capital improvements.

We enable your organisation to reach its strategic goals

Are you struggling with…?

We articulate a clear vision, focus, and objective for change. We work holistically across your organisation, so your team can embrace change, be accountable, and adopt new processes (and solutions).

We align your approach by applying a “Strategic Lens”, then start linking projects to objectives. We build visibility that engages stakeholders, increased ‘buy-in’ to execution, and a pathway towards your goals.

We’re not on your payroll but the answer simply exists within your own organisation – your people! We believe that developing (and coaching) client teams is the foundation of any business transformation.

We partner with your team, to ideate process and workflow improvements. We deliver repeatable outcomes and efficiency, by leveraging your teams to commit to producing more value for your customers.

We align risk mitigation with business objectives and regulatory requirements. We add value with a cross-disciplinary approach to thoughtful risk design, practices, and behaviours.

We sustainably unlock ‘free’ cashflow opportunities from Working Capital Management improvements. A cultural shift (and mindset) for all stakeholders and an organisation-wide focus on cash-excellence.

Value Proposition

change process management strategy execution deployment future direction

Change & Process Management

Create clarity, alignment, and stakeholder ’buy-in’ to support (and adopt) strategy execution and deployment, and embrace your organisation’s future direction.

project management linking projects to objectives minimise your risk appetite

Project & Risk Management

Align your organisational goals to existing projects by applying a “Strategic Lens” –  linking projects to objectives and visibility to goals –thereby, minimising your risk appetite.

working capital free cashflow opportunities future growth

Working Capital Management

Unlock access to ‘free’ cashflow opportunities with a clear (and defined) focus on cash-excellence, improved liquidity / profitability, and investment in your future growth.

Client Testimonials

What our client’s experienced working with us.
Stephen Dolahenty
Stephen Dolahenty
Chief Financial Officer | Zip Water | NSW, Australia
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"Zip Water had to improve our operational processes to meet our customers’ expectations. We were suffering from growing pains. Our processes and policies needed urgent updating and we needed timely (and practical) action to address some key pain points for us, and our customers. We engaged John Field from Reworq Consulting to implement a strategy encompassing Working Capital, Risk & Controls, and Supply Chain processes (product returns). He benchmarked Zip Water to compare us to industry ‘best practice’ and to justify the changes Reworq recommended we make. Our team readily accepted the new change program and John guided us through significant challenges on our journey. His approach was consultative across our Leadership Team and a wide range of stakeholders, including the grassroots level. Reworq Consulting then simply implemented bold (and lasting) process and policy changes that led to significant financial benefits, improved profitability, risk mitigation, and eliminated waste (for good!) from our Supply Chain processes. I can highly recommend the Reworq Consulting experience."
Jason Mead
Jason Mead
CEO & CTO | Trucell | NSW, Australia
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“Due to Trucell’s rapid growth phase and the impact on changes to our IT business, we were looking for guidance on the best approach to review our existing operational processes and outdated policies. John Field from Reworq Consulting proved to be outstanding at identifying our key issues, transparent with recommendations, and also directions on next steps. The main benefits for us were John’s coaching philosophy, insights, and the development of our strategy roadmap. He challenged our identity, guided our team, and yet the integration phase(s) were not disruptive to our business. Our teamwork improved and the team began to collaborate with working towards finding solutions, but also equally accepting of new perspectives. For us, it wasn't just theoretical knowledge and new methodologies, but practical insights that gained immediate acceptance. John, thanks for your commitment to help the Trucell team!”
Carmine Coiro
Carmine Coiro
Managing Director | Concrete Structures | NSW, Australia
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“We first engaged with John Field on our Head Office initiative and for the purpose of establishing a centralised Shared Services Centre for our administration, finance, and PMO functions. He drew upon his extensive financial, IT, and operational experience to setup our internal framework and thereby, provide vital decision support for our Executive Team. John’s hands on approach and collaborative style helped establish an environment whereby process alignment (and structured improvements) in these areas, became crucially important to our next growth phase. He managed key relationships with many stakeholders from vendors, clients, and 3rd Party outsourcing, by introducing new concepts and service level initiatives. Today, Concrete Structures has built upon John’s initial foundations, and we were fortunate to have benefited from his guidance.”
Alexander Paig
Alexander Paig
Sales Manager | Property Aggregators | Australia
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"John has been amazing to work with. He brings an industry knowledge that is unmatched. John was able to diagnosis areas for improvement in our business that related to scalability, processes, and team structures. He was purely analytical, professionally detached, and he has taken our business to new heights. Highly recommend the Reworq Consulting experience and John's guidance!"
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders
Principal | Chris Sanders Consulting | UK
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“Partnering with John was something I was keen to do after we worked together a few years ago on the AICM Quality Accreditation Programme. A like-minded credit professional who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Credit Management, Risk Management, and Working Capital disciplines. I'm really pleased to have John in my network and also looking forward to sharing ideas and ‘Best Practice’ in this exciting new partnership.”

Reach further, scale larger...

Feel certain about the path to get there. Here’s how we’ll partner and work together:

how we work introductory call simple conversation

Introductory Call

It all starts with just a simple conversation…
In this ‘free’ 27-minute call, we’ll discuss your business, you can share your current challenges, ask questions, and then let’s explore how we can help.

how we work discovery session uncover your business needs

Discovery Session

If we’re a ‘right fit’, we’ll take a deeper dive to uncover your business needs and analyse your focus areas. Then, we’ll pinpoint where you require assistance and suggest your next steps.

how we work follow your plan strategy roadmap

Follow Your Plan

Through a collaborative and educational approach, we’ll create a clear but collective plan of action (think step-by-step plan). Then, we’ll execute and implement your new Strategy Roadmap.

how we work growth profitability chart grow your business

Grow Your Business

Success is driven by consistent and pro-active decisions over a period of time. We’ll partner with you (and your team) to help navigate your change journey and watch your business grow.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back!

Move forward with clarity, focus, and confidence.

How are we different?

We plan to create a clear path forward for you.

change management organisation future direction

There’s a reason why many businesses
fail to grow, and it usually isn’t from a
lack of trying. You are simply trying to create informed decisions about your organisation’s future and direction, but don’t seem to be able to get ahead!

team working together objective for change with strategy execution

If you want to stand out in the crowded marketplace and remain competitive,
you need a clear (and defined) vision, focus, and an objective for change that supports your strategy execution.

consultant shaking hands with client after business meeting

So, it’s now time for your business to start growing again, provide sustainable value on your change journey, and achieve real measurable success. We can help.

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