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Who We Are


Founded in 2015, Reworq Consulting is an SME advisory and management consultancy headquartered in Sydney, NSW (Australia).

Reworq Consulting is focused on servicing Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses and organisations, with less-than-traditional business models. We specialise in solving business problems across the enterprise ecosystem in the areas of:

  • Change & Strategy Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Project & Risk Management
  • Working Capital

We guide our clients through complex change, helping them balance “business change” with a cohesive strategy and translate our client’s strategic ambitions into a clearly defined, controllable, and deliverable program.

Reworq Consulting provides leadership, advisory, and coaching roles. We use our broad disciplinary approach and expert knowledge of financial services products, technology, and regulatory landscape, to work with clients to advise on (and shape) solutions to their business issues and challenges.

We collaborate with our valued Partners Network to create, deliver, and execute customer transformation projects across a range of industry sectors. We pride ourselves on collaboratively defining the opportunity, providing customised solutions, and delivering sustainable value and measurable results for our client’s transformation journey.


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

To help our clients accelerate, optimise, and manage the impact of strategic change. To execute our commitment to innovation and 'best practice' principles to transform our client’s financial and operational performance.

We pursue the growth, development, and scalable capability of Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations by creating and implementing practical strategies, with customer-centric solutions and across a variety of industry sectors.

Our philosophy is based on using a rigorous and structured approach, developing practical solutions, and assisting our clients with their Strategy Roadmap.

  • Our work is guided by this philosophy, which is reflected in our brand, our culture, our ethos, and the way we work with our clients.
  • Our approach is to work alongside our clients to guide and lead them through their most challenging strategic and transformational initiatives.
  • Our commitment is to bring a strong commercial focus and which is supported by practical solutions, with the coaching and development of client teams. We believe that developing (and coaching) client teams is the cornerstone of any business transformation.
  • Our goal is to assist our clients (and teams) achieve real measurable success and through the delivery of sustainable results.


John Field
CEO & Founder

John Field founded Reworq Consulting in 2015, with one (1) unclouded vision – build an advisory consultancy with a simple, no-nonsense approach to implementing business change and strategy management.

After extensive time working in industry, John experienced first-hand the stagnated approach many corporates took to Change Management innovation. He became fixated on making ”real change” happen and then refocus on his market priority, with helping Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations with navigating their scalability challenges.

Prior to forming Reworq Consulting, John brings over 30 years of learning experience spanning a diverse range of industries across Australia, Asia-Pacific and USA regions. He partnered with C-Suite Executives and Senior Management Team’s in global corporates, mid-tier firms, SME’s, and clients.

John’s leadership has expanded beyond the boundaries of a traditional financial executive. He applied this diverse commercial agility to improve financial / operational processes (and service delivery), conduct organisational redesign, and engage key stakeholders in positive and strategic change.

With an impeccable reputation for delivering targeted business outcomes, John specialises in strategy identification, planning, and guidance. Thereby, helping client organisations to ‘define’ and ‘deliver’ on their commercial plans.

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A strategy thought leader who has advised organisations (and led teams) that struggle with disruptive change, scalable capability, and execution on business change adoption, project / risk governance, and working capital.

Credit, Risk, and Working Capital Executive – Fellow (FICM), Certified Credit Executive (CCE)Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM)

Agile Change, Product Management, and Project Management Executive – The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) & APMG International