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(5) Phase Approach to the Consulting Lifecycle.

Reworq Consulting is not your traditional management consultancy – we roll up our sleeves, get busy, and work with our clients’ teams to fix their problems. We believe in a partnership approach with our clients and to work together to transform your business and we’re relentless in our pursuit of measurable results. This collaborative approach offers the most effective leverage for change.

Every engagement is uniquely different, but our overarching methodology delivers positive change. Our consulting approach is designed to work holistically with your business and our consulting model follows a logical progression of Reworq Consulting activities and behaviours. We tailor our process to our clients’ needs and focus on working alongside you, your Executive Management Team, and key stakeholders to coach, to mentor, and to guide your transition change.

Our systematic (5) Phase Approach establishes a coherent and efficient assessment of your actual business requirements, and then ultimately propose comprehensive solutions.

reworq consulting the 5 phase approach to the consulting lifecycle

Phase 1. – Discovery Phase

A dynamic approach to analyse benefits

Reworq Consulting undertakes a Discovery Phase which is designed to analyse your current business processes in their ‘as-is’ state. The Discovery Phase is a comprehensive, 'deep dive' into all aspects of your business and seeks to identify ‘opportunities’ (or areas within your business that are under-performing but can be improved).

The Discovery Phase is an important program for businesses wanting to improve their performance. The insights gained from the Discovery Phase are a critical element of our consulting process. By analysing all aspects of the business in detail, our experience provides us with deeper insight into your problems, and our outside perspective allows us to offer solutions that may not have occurred to your team.

Following on from the Discovery Phase (and Gap Analysis), we formulate and document a high-level Recommendation Report for addressing business needs and expectations, which is your opportunity for improvement.

Phase 2. – Plan & Strategy Phase

Turn strategic visions into actions

Most organisations struggle to translate their goals or strategic vision into an Implementation Plan. What’s missing is a “Strategy Roadmap” – the link between a Strategy Plan and Implementation Planthe key outcomes and the order, in terms of delivery.

Reworq Consulting will develop a “Strategy Roadmap” to help bridge this gap between ‘vision’ and ‘actions’. It’s a visual representation of how we will execute our strategy, what tasks need to be carried out, and outline the key results within a timeframe to help achieve your goals. Sharing the business vision with your Key Stakeholders and team members is especially important because now everyone knows exactly what to do.

Following delivery of the “Strategy Roadmap”, Reworq Consulting will commence collating an in-depth Strategy Plan for business transformational change. The remedial actions necessary during the next phase: the Implementation Phase – think strategic recommendations, think step-by-step plan.

By establishing a focused strategy and clearly defining the underlying objectives for a project, through a Discovery Phase and Plan & Strategy Phase, we protect the project from distraction and misguided or uneducated decision-making during the Implementation Phase.

Phase 3. – Implementation Phase

A partnership dedicated to transitional change

Prior to commencing implementation, Reworq Consulting provides our written recommendations for a well-defined Statement of Work (SoW), which includes a Project Plan, with an accurately estimated timeline and milestones for each goal. This gives you the confidence to know that:

  • We truly understand your goals
  • We have a clear and concise plan to accomplish those goals
  • We have isolated our proposed solution recommendations

During the consulting project, Reworq Consulting will implement the strategic recommendations from the Plan & Strategy Phase and either guide (or action) or advise the team responsible for implementation. We work side-by-side with you, your Management Team, your Key Stakeholders, and as well as with your various teams throughout your organisation; to train (and coach) your cross-functional teams on how to take ownership of problems.

The key issue is the long-term sustainability of your business, and the participation of your employees is to ensure that systems implemented are maintained.

Phase 4. – Post-Evaluation Phase

Time to review your transformational journey

As an initial project begins to taper towards a 'close', Reworq Consulting will commence the evaluation of the whole engagement. Before closing out the project, our team needs to meet its goals and objectives (or determine, along with Key Stakeholders, that those goals no longer apply).

After completion of the Implementation Phase, this is when both parties come together to evaluate the project scope (agreed at the beginning) and to reach consensus on how 'finished' the project is – the successes and / or failures of the implemented solutions.

The Post-Evaluation Phase will depend on whether our team assumes ownership of its own deliverables or hands them off to others in the organisation to directly manage. No matter what the outcome, we schedule this mandatory review and Handover Plan — a time to debrief on the entire engagement and so that the full benefits of lessons learned, can be shared.

Phase 5. – Optimisation Phase

Sustaining your long-term business improvement

Reworq Consulting is committed to the long-term, continuous health and success of your business. We have partnered with you, your stakeholders, and teams to provide a complete support program through a Discovery PhasePlan & Strategy Phase, and Implementation Phase during the delivery of your consulting project.

Reworq Consulting provides a support program, so we can maintain an ongoing partnership or what we term as an Optimisation Phase – to keep you on track, protect your interests, and provide necessary guidance to achieve (and maintain) sustainable value.

So, what does a partnership with Reworq Consulting look like?

  • Weekly contact (virtual call or onsite) in the month following the completion of a project, followed by;
  • Monthly visit to help reinforce your change initiatives, then;
  • Quarterly or Semi-annual visit to review and measure KPI’s, provide additional coaching and training, identify new opportunities, and;
  • On-demand availability (TBC) with the Reworq Consulting team to help support your change and transformation journey.