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Why Risk Management is Important in Creating a Risk-Awareness Culture?

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Risk Management is an important business practice that helps organisations identify, evaluate, track, and improve the risk mitigation process within their business environment. It is practiced by businesses of all sizes; small businesses do it informally, while SME’s and Enterprise organisations have a structured Risk Management Framework. The goal of Risk Management is to ensure … Read more

Reworq Consulting Announces the Launch of New Website

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SME Advisory and Management Consultancy helping organisations navigate business change, with actionable planning and strategy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SYDNEY, NSW., 14 June, 2022 – Reworq Consulting announced today the launch of the new website A unique service offering of SME advisory and management consultancy services to the Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) sector and organisations, with … Read more

What are the Top 9 Reasons to Hire an External Consultant?

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Why hire an External Consultant? It’s an impromptu question that many Executives or Business Owners ask when the idea is discussed internally, but especially if they don’t see the obvious benefits (and value) beyond the view of this being another business expense. Certainly, from an outside perspective, it’s hard to understand – Why organisations would … Read more