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How to Prepare your Employees for Change Management?

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Change Management affects your most important asset – your people! The most challenging and critical component of an organisational transformation is managing the people side of change. Unfortunately, it is normal human behaviour to be hesitant or commit to change, because of the unknown elements of what change might mean to your employee’s place in … Read more

What are the Best Practice Fundamentals to Improve Working Capital?

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As experienced throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting period of economic volatility, labour shortages, and supply chain disruptions impacted the Working Capital of many businesses by forcing them to retreat into survival mode and implement a moderately conservative strategy. Aside of fluctuating business recovery in the post COVID-19 era, there are now legitimate concerns … Read more

What are the most Common Change Management Challenges?

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Businesses must keep pace with changing economies of scale, market conditions, and continuously going through multiple organisational changes to innovate and outperform their competitors. The end goal is to align improving productivity and driving revenue targets, but with the corresponding increase of the volumes and complexities of change – only one (1) in three (3) … Read more