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Why the Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) adds Value to your Cashflow Strategy?

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The macro-environment is affecting Working Capital efficiency today and simultaneously why Working Capital Management is crucial to your business success. In 2023, we are currently facing a period of economic change unlike many of us have experienced for many years – rising interest rates, rising cost-push inflation, increased capital costs, rising operating costs, supply chain … Read more

What are the Best Practice Fundamentals to Improve Working Capital?

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As experienced throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting period of economic volatility, labour shortages, and supply chain disruptions impacted the Working Capital of many businesses by forcing them to retreat into survival mode and implement a moderately conservative strategy. Aside of fluctuating business recovery in the post COVID-19 era, there are now legitimate concerns … Read more

Why Vision and Strategy are Important to an Organisation’s “Cash-Excellence” Culture?

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Effective Working Capital Management has always been a business fundamental and long-term practice to help guide future business decisions. In many industries, obtaining adequate financing and balancing debt to equity can be incredibly challenging to maintain. But never has it been more important to understand the levers of profitability and cash management in your business … Read more

Releasing ‘trapped cash’ – How to Optimise your Working Capital Strategy to Grow your Business?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began to reshape business operations globally, the preliminary response of CEO’s, CFO’s, and Treasurer’s was all about survival of their business: free up cash, liquidity (working capital), and resources to keep their business operations afloat. Due to the economic fallout, many organisations experienced devastation with their business operations and all due … Read more

Working Capital Management: How to Improve your Business Sustainability?

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The COVID-19 pandemic raised significant Working Capital challenges and uncertainty for organisations in trying to manage their cash flow. Supply chain disruptions have been a major challenge, along with consumer demand, inflation and interest rate rises, the impact of collection of Receivables, and the rate of insolvency increases. The proper management of Working Capital is … Read more