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Releasing ‘trapped cash’ – How to Optimise your Working Capital Strategy to Grow your Business?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began to reshape business operations globally, the preliminary response of CEO’s, CFO’s, and Treasurer’s was all about survival of their business: free up cash, liquidity (working capital), and resources to keep their business operations afloat. Due to the economic fallout, many organisations experienced devastation with their business operations and all due … Read more

Working Capital Management: How to Improve your Business Sustainability?

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The COVID-19 pandemic raised significant Working Capital challenges and uncertainty for organisations in trying to manage their cash flow. Supply chain disruptions have been a major challenge, along with consumer demand, inflation and interest rate rises, the impact of collection of Receivables, and the rate of insolvency increases. The proper management of Working Capital is … Read more

What are the 5 Steps in the Risk Management Process?

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What is the Risk Management Process? The Risk Management Process is a framework for the actions that need to be taken and addressed. It is simply – an ongoing process of identifying, treating, and then managing risks – and it should be ‘best practice’ for any organisation. Every organisation must contend with risks. Whether it … Read more